Topic: Nifty Manager Update

Nifty Manager (for all products) has received some important updates.
New Features:

  • Sort albums (Nifty Manager for Flash Gallery Pro)

  • Pagination on image list page (option to split into multiple pages.  Set in login.php)

  • Select all checkbox to easily delete multiple image


  • Magic quotes removal.  No more slashes after quotes

  • HTML elements in captions issue with Flash Gallery Pro

  • Single image error

  • Single album error

  • HTTP error for multiple image uploads

  • Issue with album thumbnail images not deleting

To get this update, clear your cache and re-download the product using your original purchase link.  Then follow these steps:

  • Back up all existing Nifty Manager Files.

  • In the Nifty Manager folder replace all files and folders except :

  • Open login.php and update the password from "demo" to your password.

To display a limited number of images with page numbers, open login.php and change
$itemsperpage = 50;
to a smaller number.  If you are having issues saving image info on large slideshows or galleries, setting this to a lower number may fix the issue.

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